After the terrible UK floods that hit us in June/July in 2007 i decided that it would be a good idea to setup a site to let everyone share there experiences. We have a gallery which is split into sections of the UK, making it easier to navigate were your pictures should go or to view pictures from varied areas. We have sections ranging right from Ireland to Scotland to London to Sheffield, we cover the lot! You can simply upload your own photos from the UK Floods by clicking upload at the top! You can also have your own video appear on our site in the videos section, simply follow the simple instructions in the "Upload A Video" section and your video will appear on our site within 24 hours!




The site originally started out as but after becoming very popular we decided to make the site national and called it UK Floods, so we had a revamp and changed the galleries. The site & gallery are very simple to use, we hope that you enjoy our content and upload your own pictures & videos from the floods to share with the rest of the world!


2007 - Rob Harbord